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SF square 2007

From 22-25 November 2007, the first European science film festival took place in Vienna.
16 films have been nominated for the competition from more than 40 entries from all over Europe. To experience the latest science films from Europe in three concentrated days: it offered the Festival.
On Sunday, Nov. 25, the Festival was completed with the presentation of the four prizes to be awarded.
With the award for "Best independent film", Clara Lake field from Vienna was considered; in her film "The observer and his reality", she explains the behavior of quantum in vivid and enjoyable way.
The synopsis from psychoanalysis and cinema was assessed as "Best science".
Julia Raheem from Berlin shows in her film "light in dark rooms. Psychoanalysis and cinema"hardly-seen shots can be visualized from the beginning of the last century, in which dreams.
"The journey to the cradle of Europe" of the Austrian filmmaker Petrus van der let was awarded "Best education film"; the filmic expedition to the myths of Homer reveals also an exciting chapter in Austrian history of archaeology.
The main prize, "Best scientific film", went to Lars Becker-Larsen from Denmark for "the Copenhagen interpretation". The film describes the philosophical dispute, which triggered Niels Bohr theory. Unique archive material and interviews with the leading physicists of the world, including Anton Zeilinger, form the backbone of the film.
The premiere of Wolfgang Haberls film about the physicist Markus Arndt, "Quantum soccer" was the opening of the Festival.
The organizers were very satisfied with the audience response (480 visitors). The audience hits were zero set of mathematical beauty and structures, the development work for space agencies in space architecture, and also the winner films of the Copenhagen interpretation and light in dark rooms.

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