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SF square 2009

The European science Film Festival for the fourth time was held from 26 to 29 November.

The film 'The brain' by Gerald Kargl was shown as the opening film.

The brain - evolution and perception, Gerald Kargl
Austria | 2009 | 23 minutes
Brain research provides intriguing insights for years in the basics of human existence. Since it is possible to observe the activities of the probably most complex organ in the entire universe, with the help of modern technology more and more ideas that were valid during thousands of years of human history are fundamentally called into question: what is the human mind? Or human consciousness? What do we mean by soul and personality? Do we have free will? What is humans and animals the difference between? Who are we?

Winner of this year's Festival was the Director of variety Mutty film Aventures Chemiques.
Aventures Chemiques, variety Mutty
France | 2008 | 58 min
After several rounds of chemotherapy against breast cancer began the women to speak with the Director of the film, who met her in the hospital. The film gives the opportunity to discover the personality of women us, as well as the manner, how they deal with their disease. While drugs are injected into them, the nine women, including variety Mutty even talk about desires, fears, hair, humor, faith, and a lot more.

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