sf² VI.
Winter 2018
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2006 the movie "Quantefußball" was awarded through the Vienna physicist Markus Arndt during the filming the science communication prize of the Austrian Research Fund (FWF). On the evening of the award ceremony, the idea was born in Vienna to hold a science Film Festival.
As a club was founded and later became the first "European educational and scientific Film Festival - sf square" presented to an interested public.
Vienna's Mayor Michael Häupl took over the patronage and the President of the Austrian Research Fund, Christoph Kratky, gave the opening speech at the sold-out cinema. Although the budget from the beginning on was scarce, it was decided, due to the positive response, to hold the Festival in the one-year rhythm.
2010 and 2011 the festival Club however has decided to drop out the events, to provide a comprehensive relaunch this space and time. Numerous new contacts were established, also an elaborate business plan should be created the way to a sustainable Festival.

There are now very close contacts and joint plans for the science Film Festival in Olomouc/Czech Republic and Moscow/Russia.

A successful day of the science film took place under the patronage of first lady Margit Fischer in autumn 2012 at the natural history museum.

The next Festival is planned for the fall of 2015.