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Winter 2018
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SF square

Art and culture have made Vienna famous. But also science and research have a significant place in the history of the city. It is above all the physicists who came from Vienna to world fame. Think of Ludwig Boltzmann, Erwin Schrödinger, Wolfgang Pauli and Lise Meitner. Today, it is the high-profile experiments of the Viennese quantum physicists who make headlines around the world. But the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud or the grey goose experiments of Konrad Lorenz are inseparably connected to the city. In the past few decades, Vienna has blossomed to a film city. From the perspective of the science film, there are above all the productions of universe and Terra mater, which are purchased and sent by numerous European television stations.

In almost every European country, a science film festival there now. The two largest are the festivals in Paris/France and Olomouc/Czech Republic. But there are also festivals in Waasa/Finland, Moscow/Russia, England, Spain or Italy.

Vienna, a wonderful city in the actual Center of Europe, is a particularly attractive location for a science Film Festival, which will bring together thinkers from all over Europe. A non-profit organization that has set the goal serves as a carrier of the Festival to establish a such Festival in Austria. From the outset, the Club found support from the science community. In recent years recognized also in the Austrian television world the potential of such an event, also succeeded in international network.