sf² VI.
Winter 2018
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Organizers of the European Festival of the educational and science films is the non-profit association "sf square - Association for the event of a European education and science Film Festival". The association exists to date only from the Board of Directors. Founding members were Wolfgang Haberl as Chairman, Herbert Depner became the Deputy leader as a representative of the polycollege appointed Leo unchanged Schwärz Treasurer and Pauline Graf was Secretary.
In the course of the restructuring, there were personnel changes again on the Board. In addition increases the number of employees in the fields of science, PR and Festival Organization, which mostly volunteers to support the work of the Board.
2014 moved the seat of the Club of Vienna to Austria.

Data and facts
SF square - Association for the event of a European education and science Film Festival

  • Chairman: Wolfgang Haberl
  • Deputy Leader: Christoph Schnabel
  • Secretary: Peter Aigner
  • Treasurer: Philip Lechner

Club address/delivery address
hablo KG - Wolfgang Haberl
Provost Peitl str. 54
2103 Langenzersdorf

Founding / timeline of the history of the Club

  • 23.05.2007 recording the activities of the Association;
  • 22.11-25.11.2007 first European science Film Festival;
  • 27.11 November 30, 2008 second European science Film Festival;
  • 20.05.2009 General Assembly; Constitutional amendment; Election of the Board of Directors;
  • 26.11-29.11.2009 third European science Film Festival;
  • 25.08.2011 general meeting; New Board members; Relief by auditors;
  • 28.09.2012 fourth European science Film Festival: day of the science film.
  • 05.07.2014 general meeting; New Board members; New address of the Association; Relief by auditors;


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